Cluster Projects

European Film Festival
European Film Festival takes regularly place in May every year since 1996. The festival is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute, with the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Romania, under EUNIC Romania’s aegis.
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The European Day of the Languages
Each year since 2001, we celebrate on September 26, at the joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, the European Day of Languages. EDL brings together citizens across Europe under the banner of linguistic diversity and richness. In 2020, we focused on the importance of translation into a world of globalization and freedom of movement. One radio quiz and one online quiz took participants on a #DiscoverTranslation exploration through 10 languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian.
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CINEMASCOP Film Festival
Cinemascop is a multi-layered intercultural project shaped as a festival, which takes place in the open air summer cinema in Eforie Sud, between August 1-7. In the context where cultural and educational activities were practically non-existent until the festival’s launch in 2018, Cinemascop has become, for locals and tourists coming from all over the country, a new way to spend their free time at the seaside, offering them the possibility to gather together in a space that got back its initial purpose – film screenings. In addition, the project aims to draw attention to these endangered spaces (summer cinemas and theaters, cinemas), which have been abandoned and forgotten by the authorities, but, perhaps, not forgotten by the public who wants to have access to them. Another target that the project aims at and has managed to achieve with the first two editions is related to the activation and involvement of the local community, eager to give a hand and help carry on the activities that bring them cultural, educational, but also touristic benefits, in the case of this location. Cinemascop is an example of good practices, serving as model and inspiration for similar projects, much needed in the Romanian society.
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EUNIC Mixers
EUNIC MIXERS is a series of live, online discussions about the adaptations of the cultural sector to the changes during the pandemic, with guests from European countries, represented by the cultural institutes from the EUNIC Romania network, together with Romanian cultural practitioners.
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EUNIC Book Club
EUNIC Book Club is a series of monthly online meetings in which the participants discuss a novel from contemporary European literature translated into Romanian.We invite the participants to our virtual library, open to dialogue and exchange of experience on the latest literary publications in the Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Austrian, German, British, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Romanian publishing spaces.
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